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Eating habits developed in early childhood have a lifelong influence. A healthy and balanced diet is very important for physical and mental well-being and development.


We take this topic very seriously and do our best to raise awareness for healthy eating habits and proper hydration. We show the children how to value food and cherish the time we spend eating meals together. By including the children in the preparation of meals and in various projects that involves food, we familiarize the children with proper nutrition. Sharing meals together as a daily ritual promotes a positive attitude towards the topic of healthy eating.

Our in-house chef has her own kitchen and exclusively uses fresh ingredients for healthy and well-balanced meals.

Our nutrition concept includes the following:

  • Healthy and diverse meals

  • Sugar-free beverages

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Adequate milk- and wholemeal products

  • Education in healthy eating habits

  • Our tutors set a positive example and serve as role models

For further information about what we offer, our prices and to make an appointment to tour our facilities, please contact us by phone at +41(0)44 390 14 46 or by email at or complete our contact form.

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