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Every child is unique and has individual strengths and interests. Our conceptual approach follows the child’s abilities and respective character.




treat every child with respect and consideration.


encourage and strengthen every child in all developmental stages and create a reliable, caring and supporting environment.


see every child as an individual and promote its unique abilities and strengths. We encourage your child to develop its strengths and to learn from its weaknesses.


promote a sense of community and mutual understanding within the groups.


at KIDSatLAKE foster a strong and positive educational partnership with the parents. Therefore, we can ensure that your child’s education and development at home corresponds accordingly in our facility.


exclusively employ highly qualified, passionate and caring staff.


offer age specific groups that are in the same developmental stage and have similar needs.

At KIDSatLAKE we strive for a holistic development of your child considering all areas of education. We consistently and continuously work in German and English according to the immersions-method.


In a bilingual environment, children develop an outstanding sense for languages in a playful way. Children in preschool age find it particularly easy to learn a new language. The language diversity stimulates the children’s cognitive development. A bilingual education in a child’s upbringing also serves as an added benefit in today’s society.

In each group we have well trained and experienced educators, some consistently speak German and others consistently speak English. Therefore, the children clearly know who to address in which language.

The early musical education is of great significance in our concept. Through our musical offerings, we stimulate the children’s creativity, their intelligence, their concentration and promote a sense of community.

In our early musical education program we offer:


  • Rhythmic games

  • Dance

  • Painting after and with music

  • First experiences with instruments

For further information about what we offer, our prices and to make an appointment to tour our facilities, please contact us by phone at +41(0)44 390 14 46 or by email at or complete our contact form.

We look forward to speaking with you!


phone +41(0)44 390 14 46


KIDSatLAKE, Neugüetli 8,
8806 Bäch SZ


KIDSatLAKE, Stadthofstrasse 12a,

6004 Luzern


KIDSatLAKE, Seestrasse 78,
8803 Rüschlikon / Zürich



KIDSatLAKE, Seestrasse 45 & 57,

8702 Zollikon / Zürich


KIDSatLAKE, Chamerstrasse 170,
6300 Zug


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Wir bieten Eltern Kinderkrippen (Kitas, Kindertagesstätten, Krippen) und einen Kindergarten in Zürich, Kinderkrippe Zürich in Zollikon wie auch Kindergarten Zürich Zollikon, Kinderkrippe Zürich Rüschlikon, Kindergarten Zürich Rüschlikon, Kinderkrippe Zug, wie auch Pre-Kindergarten Zug, Kinderkrippe Bäch SZ und Kinderkrippe Luzern. Individuelle Kinderbetreuung Zürich mit qualifizierten Fachkräften. Kinderbetreuung auf höchstem Niveau. Private bilinguale Kinderkrippe und bilingualer Kindergarten. Zweisprachiger Kindergarten in Zollikon, sowie zweisprachige Krippe in Zollikon, Rüschlikon, Bäch SZ, Luzern und Zug.


We offer parents private bilingual day nursery facilities and kindergarten in Zürich Zollikon, Zürich Rüschlikon and day nursery facilities in Zug, Bäch SZ and Lucerne. Individual child care near Zürich with highly qualified professionals. Child care at its highest standard. Private bilingual day nursery and bilingual kindergarten. 

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