Kinderkrippe und Kindergarten Zollikon und Rüschlikon




We understand it is a big step when your child goes to a day nursery for the very first time as you’ll be handing over some of the daily responsibilities.

Of course, you’ll have certain expectations of the persons that will be spending most of the day with your child from now on. Which day nursery is the right one? What do I need to look out for? What do the various day nurseries offer? What are the differences? There are various reasons and individual needs that are taken into account when choosing a day nursery.


The layout of the acclimatization phase is crucial and is what determines the next steps of your child’s care. We work according to the Berlin model of the acclimatization phase.

This phase takes approximately two weeks depending on your child’s age and development. During this time, your child will find contact with the other children, get to know the tutors, get familiar with the premises and the play areas in the day nursery as well as getting to know the daily rhythm with its rules, procedures and activities.


The tutoring times are at first very short and will continuously increase until your child will feel at ease to spend the entire day at KIDSatLAKE.

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